Wole Soyinka endorses PSJ’s ‘Silent Slaughter’ report

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has endorsed ‘Silent Slaughter’ a publication made on the killings going on in Nigeria.

The compendium which captures in detail, the killings of genocidal proportion going on in the country was published by the International Foundation for Peace and Social Justice also known as PSJ in collaboration with The International Committee on Nigeria (ICON).

Addressing journalists at Freedom Park, Lagos, Soyinka commended the organisations that put together the publication, saying that he agreed with the contents of the compendium.

“In other words, what this book says and I agree with it is that we’ve been living here side by side with, are actions which are unambiguously genocide.” Soyinka said.

The veteran playwrighter read from the book, where genocide was explained as ‘forcibly transfering children of a group to another group’ and asked;

“Where are the Chibok girls, where are the school pupils of the Amadiya school, where are the school pupils of the Bethel school, some of them were released recently?

So what’s happening, what exactly, how do we describe the targeting of children who are now been taken, transferred via a group, a recognised group.” He added.


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