Atrocities: Borno top with 36 killed

After some lull attributed to tension across the country over the presidential election and cash squeeze, terrorists and unknown gunmen are back on the killings and abductions spree.

Monitoring by our research team based on verified newspaper reports indicates that at least 90 persons have been killed between February 25 and March 11, 2023, across the country.

Within the same period, 46 persons have been abducted, while three persons were injured.

Borno State recorded the highest number of persons killed with 36 death, while Kaduna and Katsina had 19 cases each.

With 27 persons abducted, Kaduna State topped in terms of abductions, while Abuja had nine and Borno state seven.

The high casualties in Borno are made up of 29 fishermen reportedly killed by Boko Haram terrorists, 17 in Zangon Kataf Local Government area of Southern Kaduna and 19 in Katsina following the clash between vigilantes and terrorists in Kankara communities.

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