#Silent Slaughter

PSJ supports reconciliation and peace-building efforts in Nigeria so that different ethnicities & religious groups can live together in harmony. A peaceful Nigeria is a united Nigeria.

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Since 2001 over 60,000 innocent people have lost their lives and the Nigerian government is turning a blind eye.

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“Farms have been razed, villages burnt to the ground, and inhabitants killed. These continue to happen unchecked.”

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“The victims are humans with soul but their daily realities are the bloodshed. They continue to live in fear.”

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“Continued advocacy and international coalition are mounting to force government to intervene in stopping the killings.”

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PSJ is an independent, non-governmental organisation that strives to become a primary support, a strong voice and a trusted ally of all Nigerian communities, in the process of building peace and guaranteeing social justice for all.

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Total number of deaths
in January and February 2020
Total number of Christians
persecuted in Nigeria in 2019
Total number of terrorism
related deaths in Nigeria in 2018

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Organised terrorist groups like Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) are active across Nigeria.

In recent years, radicalised Fulani militants originating from Nigeria and surrounding countries have embarked upon a retail-style massacre of communities across the Middle Belt region of the country. The vast majority of attacks are against Christian communities and other ethnic minorities.

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