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Our work is rooted in rigorous research, data-driven analysis, and best practices in peacebuilding and social justice advocacy. We design and implement conflict resolution programs based on proven methodologies and research-backed interventions. These programs incorporate techniques for promoting empathy, communication skills, and peaceful conflict resolution strategies.

Our community engagement initiatives are informed by evidence-based practices that have been shown to foster social cohesion, dialogue, and reconciliation. We work closely with community leaders, stakeholders, and experts to identify effective approaches for addressing underlying grievances and promoting positive social change.

Our Evidence-Based Approach

Maiden Peace & Social Justice Conference (December 2023)

 This conference themed: “The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Transformational Leadership and Social Justice” was aimed at orienting civil societies, security outfits and the general public in the critical role they play in Nation-building and enacting a culture of social justice in Nigeria


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Training in Leadership & Goal-setting for Children

PSJ organized a leadership training session for Government Secondary School, Tudun Wada, attended by 300 students and 20 teachers.

The training emphasized the importance of leadership, illustrating the traits of effective leaders and their impact on combating injustice and corruption. Attendees also learned about vision and goal-setting, with trainers encouraging students to believe in themselves and plan for their futures.

A practical workshop allowed students to define their life visions and brainstorm steps to achieve them. The training concluded with the inauguration of the Peace and Social Justice Club.

Historic Timeline

July 2018
First Participation
US Ministerial

PSJ Nigeria participated for the first time at the US Ministerial at the Washington DC U.S.A

September 2018
UK Parliament

Meeting/Dialogue session at the UK parliament at the invitation of Baronex Cox and Lord David Alton

November 2018
10km Peace Walk in Lagos

PSJ Nigeria in collaboration with Builders of New Nigeria (BNN) had a 10-kilometer protest march called "Peace Walk" from Maryland to the Lagos State Governors Office at Ikeja

January 2019
Religious Freedom Round Table

PSJ and ICON hosted the 1st International Religious Freedom Round Table in Abuja with Greg Mitchel leading the US team.

March 2019
Second Religious Freedom Round Table

PSJ and ICON hosted the second International Religious Freedom Round Table in Abuja

June 2019
Third Religious Freedom Round Table

PSJ and ICON hosted the third International Religious Freedom Round Table in Nigeria

July 2019
Second Participation
Second US Ministerial

PSJ Nigeria participated at the 2nd Ministerial in Washington DC and joined ICON to host Rebecca Sharibu at the Heritage Foundation for the campaign on the release of Leah Sharibu

October 2019
Hosted Former President
Presidential Guest

ICON and PSJ hosted former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the US to various high-level advocacy meetings. National PressClub, Hudson Institute and The Wilson Center.

November 2019
Engaging communities
Hosted Voice Of Victims Jos

In very significant work, the PSJ hosted Voice of Victims in Jos in collaboration with CONEACDA. Nearly 60 participants; victims and leaders from 27 atrocity-affected communities attended

March 2020
Ambassadorial Meetings
Meeting With Mike Pompeo

ICON and PSJ meets with the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Assistant Secretary Bob Destro, Ambassador Morse Tan and Ambassador Sam Brownback

December 2023
Social Justice Conference
Held The Maiden Peace & Social Justice Conference

Held a conference engaging civil societies, communities and youth from all over Nigeria; orienting them on Nation-building and social justice with clear strategies for participation