About us

Insisting on postive
change in Nigeria

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About The International Organisation For Peace Building & Social Justice

PSJ is a child of necessity for a nation in conflict, we are working to put together a mechanism for sustainable peace is places of conflict. With different engagement with different actors, help PSJ sustain measures to restore society to what it should be.

PSJ envisions a Nigeria where all communities coexist peacefully amidst cultural and religious differences.

Nigerian’s don’t know peace, they don’t practice justice, there is lack of truth, the PSJ is one of those new instruments that ensures that there is peace and peace has to built, it’s focus is on peace building and social justice…

Professor Yusuf Turaki


Meet Our Board


Richard Ikiebe, PhD


Bishop Benjamin Kwashi


Major Abdallah Baikie, Rtd.

Our causes

Help children orphaned by terrorism get educated