Our Organization’s Approach


The International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established to promote peace building and social justice in Nigeria.

It is a non-partisan organization that aims to transform deep-rooted narratives that undermine peaceful coexistence through evidence-based research and information.

Together we can make a difference toward building a culture of peace in Nigeria
Our Organization’s Approach

What We’re Doing

  • Promoting evidence-based peace-building legislation and policies
  • Building a coalition of like-minded groups and organizations
  • Transforming deep-rooted narratives that undermine peaceful co-existence
  • Advocating for the cause of the poor and voiceless
  • Promoting a culture of peace amidst cultural and religious differences
Stop The Killings
Run An Inclusive Government
Rasing New Leaders

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PSJ is a child of necessity for a nation in conflict, they are trying to put together a mechanism for sustainable peace is places of conflict. With different engagement with different actors, help PSJ sustain measures to restor society to what it should be.

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