• 29th November – 2nd December 2023

    Maiden National Conference
    on Social Justice

    Themed: The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Transformational Leadership and Social Justice and Organized by International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice

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    Social justice is a cornerstone of sustainable development and peaceful coexistence in any society. Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a pivotal role in advocating for, promoting, and realizing social justice within their communities and nations. The International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ) recognizes the crucial role that CSOs play in advancing social justice and transformative leadership.


    The conference aims to bring together civil society organizations, activists, scholars, policymakers, and individuals passionate about advancing the cause of social justice. The theme underscores the critical role that civil society organizations play in advancing transformational leadership and social justice. It recognizes that civil society, as a powerful force, can influence policy change, hold leaders accountable, and drive societal transformation.


    Considering this, PSJ is proud to announce its Maiden National Conference on Social Justice, which will focus on exploring and enhancing the contributions of CSOs in the journey towards achieving transformational leadership and social justice in our societies.


    The conference aims to achieve the following objectives:
    • To provide a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among CSOs, academics, government representatives, and other stakeholders.
    • To deepen the understanding of the role of civil society organizations in promoting social justice and transformational leadership.
    • To showcase innovative practices and success stories of CSOs in the field of social justice and transformational leadership.
    • To identify challenges and opportunities faced by CSOs in their pursuit of social justice and
      transformational leadership.
    • To develop recommendations and strategies for enhancing the impact and effectiveness of CSOs in promoting social justice


    The conference welcomes participants from various sectors, including:
    • Representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
    • Academics and Researchers
    • Government Officials
    • Human Rights Activists
    • Social Justice Advocates
    • Youth Leaders
    • International Organizations
    • Donors and Philanthropic Foundations
    • Students and Young Professionals


      The role of CSOs in advocating for policy change and social justice reform.


      Building alliances and partnerships for effective social justice initiatives.


      Community engagement and grassroots movements in promoting social justice.


      Measuring and evaluating the impact of CSO interventions in social justice.


      Case studies and best practices from CSOs around the world.

    • Keynote Speaker

      Professor, Zacharys Anger Gundu

      Professor Gundu is a social commentator and HR Consultant who until recently was a regular speaker at the Dubai Leadership Summit . His current research interests are: the Archaeology of the Middle Benue Valley, burial practices across cultures, historical Archaeology, African endogenous knowledge systems, archaeology ethics, looting and subsistence digging.

      Professor, Zacharys Anger Gundu

      Call For Papers & Presentations

      We invite interested individuals and organizations to submit abstracts for presentations and workshops. Submissions should include a title, a brief abstract, and the name and affiliation of the presenter(s). The deadline for submissions will be November 20, 2023.

      Conference Venue

      The Maiden Nation Conference On Social Justice Will Be Happening At Crispan Hotels, Yingi-Rayfield Jos.

      Time: 10:00am

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