In line with our objective to raise global awareness to the security situation in Nigeria, PSJ has launched a number of initiatives.

Our ultimate goal is to incite the Nigerian government to take real action in putting an end to the atrocities in Nigeria.

It is the role of the federal government to ensure peace and social justice for all Nigerians across the country.


Over 60,000 people have been brutally killed since 2001. Radicalised militants are carrying out a bloody campaign against local communities and no one is talking about it. It’s time to stop this silent slaughter.

We are calling out to the international community to put pressure on the Nigerian government to take action towards stopping the escalating violence and putting an end to this silent slaughter.


PSJ has put together an on-the-ground team that is in direct contact with a comprehensive network of over 400 individuals across the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. The network’s role is to continuously report on incidences and attacks as they occur in their local communities. The purpose of this reporting is two-fold.

Firstly, they help make heard the stories of victims of attacks and other atrocities, that otherwise go unheard. Secondly, we keep track of this information in the hope that the perpetrators will one be held responsible.

Some of the atrocities that we report on may not have been picked up by local or international media. It often takes days, sometimes weeks, for news of incidents to reach the media. That is, if they are at all interested.