Genocide in Nigeria and the Implications for the International Community

Release of a Special Report

Where: On ZOOM

When: In May (date TBC)

The situation in Nigeria is dire. The very future of the country is hanging on a precipice. Geopolitical and inter-group tensions have risen so high that any random event could trigger a major catastrophe. More than ever before, Nigerians have become wary of one another. War drums are to be heard throughout all our villages, towns, cities and homesteads. There is a feeling that our government is complicit in the all-pervading insecurity across the country. The Nigeria government has not been transparent to their citizens by conducting regular communication briefings and opportunities to answer questions on the crisis from press and citizens.

This report represents the organizations who are at the forefront of advocacy for Nigeria and who are actively involved in exposing the atrocities and the slaughter currently engulfing Nigeria. Whereas our organizations may have different names, directors, &/or locations, our efforts are unified and complimentary. We are uniquely integrated in our narrative; our research and this report divulges our findings.

We are:

International Committee On Nigeria (ICON) – USA

International Organization for Peace-building & Social Justice (PSJ) – Nigeria, UK

Tune in at the event to find out more about the situation in Nigeria and the work we are doing to pressurize the Nigeria government to take real action towards stopping the silent slaughter

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