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The International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which exists to promote peace building and social justice in Nigeria.

It has no political affiliations and does not intend to transmute into a political party. It is established to conscientiously change the deep-rooted narratives that obliterate the peaceful co-existence of communities through evidence-based research and information. We exist for one purpose, to speak truth to power and advocate the causes of the poor and voiceless.

Our programs are geared towards transformative and sustainable change, which is achieved by advocating for evidence-based peace building legislation and policies.

PSJ, therefore, is committed to growing coalitions and alliances among like-minded groups and organizations to galvanize a movement that will build and sustain a culture of peace amidst cultural and religious differences for generations to come.

Our Vision

The international organization for peace and social justice strives to become a primary support , a strong voice, and a trusted ally of every community in Nigeria in the process of peace building and social justices

We are a veritable source of researched, evidence-based information which will serve as an integral tool for appropriate action for all stakeholders. including the Nigerian government, in its peace building process, in bringing about social justice and in national development

Our Values

Our core values are entrenched in our desire to contribute to the development of social systems, communities, and societies that foster peace with social justice.

  • Respect for Human Dignity
  • Truth and Accountability
  • Equity and Justice for all
  • Freedom and Peace

Our Mission


To speak for the peace

By advocating for sustainable peace, social justice and a better life for all deprived minority ethnic groups.

To speak Justice

By engaging national and international institutions in order to persistently advocate for peace, justice and a system based on the rule of law.

To foster restorative reconciliation

By alleviating marginalization and supporting sustainable development through open dialogue with stakeholders.

Our Network


Let's promote peace building and social justice in Nigeria