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At least 4098 persons were killed across the country in various attacks last year by terrorists, bandits, and unknown gunmen.

The casualty figure is from data reports compiled by our research team from January to December 2022.

4486 persons were also abducted and 451 injured during the same period according to the findings contained in our 2022 Atrocities Annual Report to be published soon.

“ Many communities and villages have continued to experience invasions, killings and abductions of their loved ones due to genocidal attacks on their homes. Many persons have been geographically and economically displaced from their communities and means of livelihood. Families have undergone immense trauma from the abductions and loss of their family members to the atrocities.

“During the year, incidences of attacks against religious institutions, religious leaders, and community leaders, have reiterated that there is an ethnoreligious dimension to this genocidal war ravaging the soul of Nigerian society. The violence that started in the guise of a farmers-herders clash has escalated into unwanted and devastating invasions of many communities in the northern parts of the country.

“The worst of these events continue to happen within states in the Northwest and North central. More villages in northern Nigeria are getting ravaged and the efforts of the government have been insufficient in protecting the residents,” the report stated in its introduction.